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Membership Form W-9 Form

Barter Network provides many services to our members. Your membership dues help to defer the costs of the services provided by BNI. They include:

  • BNI will act as a commissioned sales person: our responsibility is to deliver new business opportunities to your business. If we do not perform this function, we do not earn our transaction fees.
  • BNI will act as a purchasing agent: our responsibility is to source and deliver the goods and or services that you have requested. If we do not perform this function, we do not earn our transaction fees.
  • BNI earns their transaction fees based on their ability to successfully perform these two functions.
  • BNI will also act as a third party record keeper, performing accounting functions that allow our members to track their account activity on a daily basis. BNI provides detailed monthly statements and a Year End 1099B form, tracking the total amount of sales through barter for the previous year. Any purchases that were business related are tax deductible. Please consult with your accountant or tax advisor for specifics.

BNI provides marketing support to your business in many ways.

  • Proactive word of mouth advertising and promotion from our brokers
  • Business listing in our on-line member directory
  • Access to our newly designed and expanded web site
  • Promotion of your business via email blasts
  • Press releases and direct mailings
  • Business Open Houses

BNI will be a driving force in bringing you business.

Membership Fee Structure

  • One Time Initiation fee of $399.00 cash and $99.00 BNI trade dollars
  • Transaction fee of 6.5% on every purchase and sale (with credit card on file)
  • Monthly membership dues of $15.00 cash / $15.00 BNI trade dollars
  • Administrative fee on anniversary date $199.00

By taking the first step and becoming a member of BNI, you have increased your sales and purchasing opportunities by approximately 20,000 potential trading partners.

With over 500,000 businesses in the United States that are trading in an organized barter exchange and over 70% of the Fortune 500 companies trading as well, barter is not only growing, but thriving.

The diagram below illustrates some of the benefits of trading with BNI. Thanks for taking the first step in allowing BNI to help bring you new and incremental business and save you cash!

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BNI Terms & Conditions.

*Please call the sales department at 203-951-3519 to inquire about any membership specials.


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