Once You Have Joined

Once your agreement is entered into our system, BNI has a comprehensive check list that has been developed to help our new members become more familiar with our company and how BNI can/will work for you.

You will be sent a Welcome letter and BNI Barter Card. Your letter will have the name of your personal broker assigned to your account along with your own personalized Barter Card and passwords.

Your BNI card will have your name, company name and personal account number. This card should be placed in your wallet and should be used to identify yourself when making purchases through BNI.

The Login and Password will allow you access into your own personal account, enabling you to:

  • Check on your account status
  • Print / View activity on your account
  • Authorize barter transactions

You are assigned your own personal broker who will handle your account. Your broker will be making a Welcome Call to you within three business days from joining. This call will go over information contained in the Welcome Letter, as well as learning more about your business and your personal preferences. This is a good time to share with your broker any information that can either help us sell your goods/services better or what types of goods/services you may be looking for.

Your business is listed on our BNI website. Our BNI website is one of the only barter websites in the country where you can search our Membership Directory by Category or Location without having to enter a Login or Password!

The BNI Membership Directory is updated every Tuesday. Your business will be listed by Category and Location within our Membership Directory.

Thank you for choosing Barter Network.





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